“The future is not someplace we are going, but one we are creating.”

John Schaar

Working with clients to grow their capacity to manage organizational, internal, and interpersonal complexity is what I do. 

For more than 30 years I have helped leaders, teams, and organizations grow and learn. I am deeply interested in how executives learn and mature, how they build personal capacity and professional competence, and how they transform—particularly as their roles become increasingly complex and ambiguous. An academic and professional background in business and psychology lends credibility to this on-going fascination and forms a solid foundation for understanding leadership challenges and human behavior.

Professional Background

I've held a variety of roles as a consultant in leadership and organization development. I've been internal to public and private companies, an executive or member of the consulting staff in smaller firms, and an independent practitioner running my own business.

Most recently, I held a position as the Vice President of Leadership and OD for Waldron where I led a team of executive coaches and consultants. Earlier in my career I was a senior consultant in Tom Peters Company, an executive consultant and director of quality for Zenger-Miller (currently AchieveGlobal), and the practice leader for a small firm called GroupWorx. Clients have been primarily large domestic and global enterprises in the Fortune 500, and I focused on leadership, change management, team effectiveness, and strategic business process improvement.

I’ve led the design and facilitation of executive development programs in Adaptive Leadership™ at Microsoft, Starbucks, REI, PATH and other Pacific Northwest organizations.

I hold a BA in Philosophy and Psychology from Oberlin College, an MBA from Northwestern University, and a Masters in Applied Behavioral Sciences from the Leadership Institute of Seattle, (a college of Saybrook University). I have dozens of certifications from a continuing investment in my own professional development and am a certified Co-Active Coach. 


Beliefs that support me in the world of work are represented here:


"Integrity" is wholeness. Character builds competence builds character and it is this oscillation and integration that creates the virtuous spiral of growth; who you are determines what you do.


To attune to another is to bring into harmony, to cooperate and synthesize. The relationships with my clients are as at least as important as the results we obtain together. My work style goes beyond just the intention to partner with my clients, but actively depends on them to co-create the process for what we accomplish together.


I promote growth, not merely change, by affirming strengths and opportunities to leverage, and providing clear, direct, compassionate feedback about behaviors or mindsets that hold someone back. I bring leading-edge thinking and methods, coupled with a genuine appreciation for the health and wholeness of each person, each team, and each organization.