More about Coaching

Nancy works as a partner with senior executives to incorporate meaningful feedback into choices about what to change and how. Coaching clients come to understand what matters most and are able to choose from a broader range of options to accomplish their aims. Change means thinking differently, acting more strategically, and responding with conviction and courage while nurturing relationships with others, all in the vortex of challenging circumstances. Ultimately, coaching leads to choices and actions that create solutions that mirror core values, and therefore provide rich reward and more fulfillment in leadership and in life.

Typical Coaching Scenarios: 

Transitioning into more challenging leadership roles

Stepping up to assume higher and broader levels of executive responsibility means reevaluating how one brings the most value to the organization while maintaining what is core to one’s integrity. Among other things at higher executive levels, success depends on the ability to

  • deal effectively with ambiguity and make substantive decisions in the face of uncertainty

  • align and inspire a diverse workforce and organizational system toward higher-order purpose and strategy

  • cultivate a broad network, negotiate politics and influence new peer and manager relationships

  • demonstrate authentic leadership presence

  • think systemically and act strategically in order to provide value leading a larger, more complex organization.

High-potential executives

Preparing for higher levels of leadership and authority requires these executives to identify and leverage their strengths and address blind spots while experimenting with new ways of thinking and acting in more complex scenarios.

Confidential conversations

The most senior executives can seriously use a sounding board from time to time. These may be crisis situations, transitions, or times of great opportunity and challenge when a seasoned confidential resource for unbiased support and perspective is invaluable.

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