More about Leadership Team Development

The performance of an executive leadership team is the most important determinant of the success of an organization.  Executive teams ratchet up their potency when they employ skillful human interactions in the service of getting audacious strategic stuff done. Along with real-time team performance coaching, Nancy facilitates important meetings and retreats and designs longer-term development processes to stimulate a team's higher performance.

Clarifying and Sustaining Strategic Focus

Leaders in the throes of change must occasionally rise above the fray to regain broad perspectives and clear vision. To sustain organizational growth and health, an executive team needs to ruthlessly focus on its purpose, coordinate on current and future strategy, and periodically re-orient to keep the present on track with future plans.

How well does your executive leadership team accomplish these tasks?

Articulate a fulfilling and inspiring vision for the future

Undertake a fearless examination of obstacles and enablers

Decide on compelling strategies & objectives

Conduct a regular assessment of how aligned the organization currently is toward the strategies and vision

Demand rigorous accountabilities that make the future happen

Fostering Healthy Team Functioning and Operational Impeccability

Team dynamics and processes define how a team works, either covertly with hidden agendas and elephants under the table, or openly with passionate debate and transparent motives. It’s simple - executive teams who use effective interaction tools and skills enhance their dynamics and are more apt to achieve their desired outcomes.

How good is your team’s answers to these questions?

What does the team spend its most valuable time doing? Does the team function at the right altitude, align around strategic priorities, and leave operational and technical work to the individuals or teams that perform them best?

How well does the team handle conflict? Do team members meaningfully and thoroughly discuss important organizational objectives and concerns before making decisions?

How effectively do team members make and implement decisions? Do team members hold each other accountable for actions and decisions?

How well do team members trust one another to offer candid feedback, to discuss mistakes, or embark on risky and challenging opportunities together? How courageously do team members support and confront one another about appropriate behaviors?

How satisfied is the team overall with the results of their efforts and of the organization as a whole?


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