Nancy brings a unique combination of management wisdom and insight, empathy and listening skills, and creativity in problem-solving that make her a unique advisor to senior leaders. Not only is she remarkably talented at listening for the nuanced points and drawing out the most important dynamics in a situation, she has a way of helping me as a leader come to my own decision about the right way to move forward, with a deeper understanding of the issues at play and more confidence in the path ahead. Any leader facing complex challenges related to managing teams, organization dynamics, organization design and change, or adaptive leadership would be well served having Nancy’s support.

Elisa Mandell Keller, Director and Chief of Staff, Office of the President and Chief Strategy Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Nancy’s great strength is helping you look deeper – through her kind yet provocative questions, her patient pacing, and her consistent return to your goals as your conversations evolve over time. Working with her helped me build several new muscles as I processed leadership feedback from my team and later started evaluating new opportunities; I now lead a much larger team and I’ve grown as a leader and a human being from our work together.

 Greg A - CMO of a Global Research Institute

I chose to work with Nancy because she asked more challenging questions than any other coach I interviewed. Her background was very helpful in helping me improve my effectiveness as a leader. I was impressed with how quickly she picked up on the dynamics of my situation, and our thoughtful work together translated to an improved career trajectory. I would recommend Nancy for any executive seeking to augment their leadership and management abilities, as well as gain a more nuanced understanding of their professional roles and relationships.

Eric D – CEO of a Biotechnology Company

Nancy is one of the best leadership coaches I have worked with. She fundamentally helped me transform to an effective, courageous, and authentic leader. Her approach is to help the person find the real issues by himself/herself through nudging and insightful questioning. Her approach enabled me to transition from "unconscious incompetence" to "conscious competence" state. She put me on a path of self-discovery and that journey continues. Even after the official end of coaching, she was always available to help and explore new challenges; this shows her passion and compassion to make people better humans and leaders. I highly recommend her as a leadership coach who brings a unique and comprehensive approach to development through self-discovery.

Ganesh Pandey, Partner, Group Engineering Manager. Microsoft

I can tell Nancy loves working with leaders tackling big challenges – in my case, it was navigating a significant transition at work while continuing to grow my leadership skills.  She created a deeply supportive environment where I could be vulnerable and reflective, but she was also firm and pushed me toward my best self. Working with her increased my understanding of my mission and priorities, and definitely helped me grow my leadership past obstacles that were hindering me before.  I would recommend her for any leader facing a complex problem!

Sarah E – Senior Leader in a Large Hospital System

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